Why Transmit Vault

With millions of data breaches occuring daily, your information needs top level security and this is why Transmit Vault was created. Transmit Vault, offers a new option for sending large, encrypted files in the most secure way possible. Requiring no server and offering both immediate shredding options and a comprehensive audit trail, this data transmission product brings to market a new option for both businesses and individual users who wish to transmit data with zero risk of hacking or theft.

Users log in to the secure site Transmit Vault site, select the desired files and their destination, and securely transfer sensitive information immediately and with confidence. There is no constraints on file size or type. Clients and users create their own secure login.

This system eliminates concerns about who has access or permissions to shared files on a shared drive or cloud storage. The Transmit Vault system will assign a client ID, project number, and digital receipt with each transfer.

While privacy and compliance (it has been built with certified approval from HIPAA, SOX, SOC2, Type 2, AES 256 and GDPR) are at the heart of the system, usability was strongly considered in the program design. A streamlined dashboard offers users a one-stop destination for viewing receipts (both sent and received), multiple sorting options, and simple two click reporting. Perhaps most importantly, the user’s files will never be retained by Transmit Vault and all transmitted data will be shredded electronically.

Transmit Vault was created for with top level security in mind with the knowledge that ease of use would eliminate user error. Bank level security is now availalbe to everyone

Offering data protection for files from medical records, to x-rays, to tax documents, to legal documents, the product is simple to use and the process is streamlined.

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