Secure Data Transfer


Clean, uncluttered work space
allows you to get right to work.


The workspace has everything
you will need, right where you need it.


Security is what we do. We meet the highest security standards in the industry.

Learn it in 15 minutes


It is Dashboard based, easy to use and will become familiar in just a few minutes. All the needed tools are at your fingertips.

Multiple Recipients:

Unlimited individual recipients will see only the files you have sent to them.


Your files will be uploaded and encrypted with AES256 encryption and held in your private TransmitVault account, While in the Vault only the recipient(s) can download them.

Reports & Receipts:

Reporting and receipts is just a few clicks away and can be downloadsed to CSV or PDF. Printable receipts provide perfect detailed with a full set of tracking information.


Files are Shredded automatically upon download, or can be held for upto 5 days. You are in complete control.


Simple search box always available and search on all criteria.


Works on your hand-held devices check your transmissions anywhere at any time.

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AES256 bank level Security every file, every time